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                                  Welcome to Lobo.


A Pack Above the Rest

From the flower, to the live sauce, to the cannabis fan leaves – this is a pure cannabis experience, the way it should be.

Always premium, always hand-crafted – Lobo is the ultimate craft cannabis experience. A unique product, made just for you with top shelf indoor organic flower selected for terpenes and potency. 

The Presidente

3.5g flower / .25g live sauce / glass tip

The Cannagar

5g flower / .5g shatter or rosin / 1.5 hr burn

The Wolfpack

10g flower / 2g shatter / 3.5 hour burn time

Howl at Us

Want to start a custom order? Have some questions about the product or process?
Drop it below or email us at info@lobocannagar.com

Where to Find Lobo

If you don’t see your local dispensary listed, please ask them to stock us.