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A Pack Above the Rest

From the flower that is cured into a slow-burning core, to the cannabis fan leaves that wrap the experience – this is a pure cannagar, the way it should be.

Always premium, always hand-crafted – Lobo is the ultimate craft cannabis experience. A unique product, made just for you with top shelf indoor organic flower selected for terpenes and potency. With infused versions available on a per batch basis, and a rotating menu of strains – there’s always something new.

Handcrafted in Small Batches

Our artists spend days creating each batch of cannagars, starting with the selection of premium, top shelf indoor flower. Each step requires careful attention to detail.

The selection of fan leaves. Curing them in our signature Lobo style. Prepping them for wrapping. All of it a ritual, all of it an art. A truly refined cannabis experience, just for you.

From our premium pre-rolls to our Rustico to the Cannarillo to the Cannagar: everything Lobo has an attention to quality and detail that we’re certain you will appreciate – and enjoy.

Cured to Perfection

Starting with the fan leaves themselves, the product must be specially selected, cured, prepped and wrapped in stages to result in a consistently smooth flavor. Our cannagars are aged an average of 2 weeks before leaving the shop, depending on the size and batch. They can be stored in a humidor or similar environment for further curing and refining of flavors and notes – but most people have a hard time waiting!

The standard Lobo cannagar is a green leaf cure, but the master roller in each state will often create a few “easter egg” cannagars in every batch – colorful leaves and patterns, unique cure techniques. These patterns can also be ordered with a custom box.

The Cannarillo

3.5g flower / .5g shatter / 1 hour burn

The Cannagar

5g flower / .7g shatter / 1.5 hour burn time

The Rustico

10g flower / 2g shatter / 3.5 hour burn time

Howl at Us

Want to start a custom order? Have some questions about the product or process?
Drop it below or email us at info@lobocannagar.com

Where to Find Lobo

If you don’t see your local dispensary listed, please ask them to stock us.