The Cannagar

When it is time to smoke out the pack in style, the 32 gauge Lobo Cannagar is your go to: rugged, powerful, elegant. 5 grams of flower make for a long, thick smoke you can clip and relight as needed. Our infused version then combines that with up to .7 grams of shatter or rosin. Either way, the Cannagar will leave you and 8-15 friends howling at the moon. Buy one for that special occasion. Or just to keep around for any occasion – with age, the Cannagar will produce a smoother, more refined smoke.

  • Hand-packed, wrapped and finished by our cannagar artists
  • Strains vary per batch / dispensary
  • Custom order a box with your favorite strain
  • 5 grams of flower
  • Up to .7 grams of shatter or rosin (optional)
  • Wrapped in cured cannabis fan leaves for a long, smooth burn
  • 100% cannabis product

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